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If you do want to get into financial planning then this is a way to do so, but should not be the only opportunity you look at.

You need to keep recruiting to replace people who drop out. In their leadership manual they refer to this as the 'Law of Averages' claiming that 'there are a lot more starters than finishers'.

Print a copy for your files. They are proud that many recruits are 'first generation Americans'. Unless you already want to become a financial planner, there is absolutely no reason to consider joining World Financial Group.

You need to keep recruiting to replace people who drop out. Discover the Difference Take a Tour of Our Business Platform Get a quick overview of the many advantages to building your business on a platform designed for growth. Own Your Future This brochure is an excellent piece to use with prospective associates.

They are buying the product because they want to achieve their financial dreams. A schedule will be made available to new associates once they have completed the eAMA or paper application.

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This explains why the website was so vague This makes the products more expensive to you, and higher fees will reduce the financial performance of any investment. All of a sudden finding 3 people for your team just got a lot harder! But it doesn't end there you can go more than two layers deep.

We are assuming that their goal is to be as vague as possible so that the only way to get information is to see an agent, and receive a full wfg business presentation pitch. Even if you did own your business, you would be in the 'self employed' quadrant, not the business owner because the income is not passive.

They tell us that to get the business going we only need 3 SMDs beneath us. Bringing in new recruits is how they make money Part of the process of becoming a new recruit, is completing an online financial needs analysis. Solid Technology Leverage a modern back-office with technology that helps you become an efficient and effective business owner.

If they don't keep recruiting, they risk their business dying In the WFG systems manual, they will tell associates that they need to focus on recruiting and 'fast starting' their recruits, because it helps grow the network.

Have you joined WFG or thinking of joining?


Your wardrobe may have to change as you become the new professional and owner of your own business. You need to follow their example and buy the products yourself.

This makes them less likely to believe that this is a miracle key to financial freedom. The problem is that there is so much focus on the dreams, that nobody bothered to promote the products and services.

The image below is a table from the leadership manual, which illustrates their expectations for recruitment and retention: The WFG website is full of miniature sales pitches aimed at potential new recruits but there isn't much detail.

All of a sudden finding 3 people for your team just got a lot harder! Every time they find a new prospect, that's one more person who you will never be in your team.

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The fast start process is very important in World Financial Group. By the time your team is 4 layers deep, you will have associates in your network, all earning residual income for you In reality associates make commission from selling financial planning services.

World Financial Group is admitting that their system has a track record which makes quitting predictable Does this sound like a system which is making financial dreams come true?

Your sponsor, or a licensed agent in their team, will show you all the insurance and investment products you personally need to secure your financial future. Running mass recruitment seminars and offering the answer to financial dreams is not going to earn you any money.

Therefore they build product sales into the dream. There is more to it than this though. If you do want to get into financial planning then this is a way to do so, but should not be the only opportunity you look at.

There are no sales quotas, but if you don't sell, you don't earn. The biggest problem with MLM is a lack of organic demand. To do this you will need to introduce 3 new recruits, and sit in on 3 training sales within the first 30 days of becoming a WFG associate. The bigger your team is, the more residuals you'll earn, so keep recruiting The sales presentation will make you believe that all you need to do to be successful, is find three new recruits, then help them to 'duplicate' the process and find their own recruits.

So finding 3 SMDs means having follow up meetings with 2, people.WFG Business presentation 1. Building Better FINANCIAL FUTURES A Transamerica Company1 2.

2 3. We will provide you with an overview of: What we believe at World Financial Group (WFG).

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A WFG business is built on a warm-market prospecting system — meeting with people with whom you have a natural trust and pre-existing relationship. Use Your Natural Market to Develop Your Prospect List.

* Tax and/or legal advice not offered by World Financial Group, Inc.

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or its affiliated companies. Please consult with your personal tax professional or legal advisor for further guidance on tax or legal matters. Congratulations on your decision to become an associate with World Financial Group (WFG). We believe TABLE OF CONTENTS Building” and then select “The System Manual”.

6 FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY How To Develop A Target Market PROSPECTING Since they are not being invited to a business presentation meeting (BPM) or solicited business. World Financial Group, is a multi-level marketing company which sells insurance and investment products.

It aggressively recruits and encourages new associates to complete a financial plan and buy WFG products. We have a streetonomic look at World Financial Group, and share our opinion as.

WFG is a complete business platform for financial professionals. Take the tour and learn about how we can help you build your own business serving families across North America.

Wfg business presentation
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