The major problems that germany faced after the end of world war i

This was not susposed to occur. The inevitable result was a substantial number of children fathered by the foreign troops.

Fight to Dominate Europe: It effectively ended military operations between the Allies and Germany. A Soviet republic was declared in Munichbut was quickly put down by Freikorps and remnants of the regular army. Lawrence of Wales, who became known as Lawrence of Arabia.

Somewhat later there were attempts by extreme Right-wing elements to stage a Putsch. The newly created Poland attacked Germany several times-being fought off by ad hoc militia units called Freikorps.

What problems did Britain cause for Germany after World War 1?

England and France drew borders for new countries in the Mideast without regard for ethnic and religious factions. A considerable period of adjustment was required. Germany was not allowed to have an air force, tanks and submarines.

Using this exciting new technology to maneuver through the skies and engage the enemy in one-on-one dogfights in which skillful pilots could rise to the status of ace gave the air war a sense of glamour that still hangs over the pilots of World War I.

American soldiers often made friends with local children. Established political orders — fascist, conservative, even democratic — came under challenge as peoples looked for new ideas and leaders.

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The great European empires, which had controlled so much of the world, from Africa to Asia, were on their last legs and soon to disappear in the face of their own weakness and rising nationalist movements.

All of Germany's wartime weapons to be destroyed and conscription was prohibhited.

Rebuilding the world after the second world war

Denazification After the war, the Allies occupied Germany, outlawed the Nazi Party and worked to purge its influence from every aspect of German life. By the time Hitler committed suicide in Aprilsome 6 million Jews had died. The German navy mutinied. The first step was relaxing the prohibition on speaking with German children June The most obvious type of fraterization was liasons between Alliedsoldiers and German women.

The number of children involved is substantial, almost certainly exceedingbut we do not have precice data. The majority of ports in Europe and many in Asia had been destroyed or badly damaged; bridges had been blown up; railway locomotives and rolling stock had vanished.

By late summer the German reserves were exhausted while fresh American troops arrived in France at the rate of 10, a day.Mar 04,  · Since the end of World War II, the world has faced many issues that have affected countries, regions, and the global community.

World War I

The solutions to these issues are often complex and have met with varying degrees of Resolved. The Allied policies toward Germany were very different after World War II than World War I. This time the question of war guilt wa not in doubt, at least after press freedom was.

Aug 31,  · Answer: One of the problems Germany faced after WWI was over, was that they had to accept the terms of the treaty of versallies.

The terms were: give a lot of thier territory to places like.

Weimar Republic

Key problems. The Weimar Republic was created at a time of confusion and chaos after Germany had lost the First World War.

Many people felt that Germany had received a very harsh deal in the. After the introduction of the republic, the flag and coat of arms of Germany were officially altered to reflect the political changes.

The Weimar Republic retained the Reichsadler, but without the symbols of the former Monarchy (Crown, Collar, Breast shield with the Prussian Arms).This left the black eagle with one head, facing to the right, with open wings but closed feathers, with a red beak.

After conquering Poland, Hitler focused on defeating Britain and France.

What problems did Germany face after World War I?

As the war expanded, the Nazi Party formed alliances with Japan and Italy in the Tripartite Pact ofand honored its.

The major problems that germany faced after the end of world war i
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