The confederation act of 1867 essay

Transportation needs to the gold fields led to the construction of the White Pass and Yukon Route. Among the issues at stake were continued fear of U.

The politicians of the day, like John A. Klondike Gold Rush[ edit ] Main article: The Great Coalition Inafter four short-lived governments had fought to stay in power, a coalition was formed promising union with the Atlantic colonies see Great Coalition. All except Newfoundland enjoyed prosperous economies and felt comfortable as they were.

Alaska Boundary Dispute[ edit ] Main article: It collapsed the following year and was replaced by a new pro-Confederation government. It was a matter of ensuring good relations between London and Washington, at the expense of Canada.

The Canadian Resolutions outlined the concept of federalism — with powers and responsibilities strictly divided between the provinces and the federal government see Distribution of Powers.

Confederation offered Britain an honourable means of easing its economic and military burden in North America, while giving its colonies there strength through unity. However, unlike a federation, the EU does not have exclusive powers over foreign affairs, defence and taxation.


The influx of people greatly stimulated mineral exploration in other parts of the Yukon and led to two subsidiary gold rushes in Atlin, British Columbia and Nome, Alaska as well as a number of mini-rushes.

For seven days they took control of the agenda and made their persuasive arguments. This painting commemorates the The confederation act of 1867 essay involved in negotiating the Confederation of Canada in A small, dedicated group of Confederationists made little headway until early in the s when PEI, badly indebted by the construction of an Island railway, joined Confederation in return for Canada taking over its loan payments see PEI and Confederation.

Canadian Confederation Essay

These factors led to the first serious discussions about real political union in Canada. Seizing the settlement of Fort Garry now WinnipegRiel and his followers demanded negotiations.

The years following Confederation saw increased government systems of assimilation, including reservesthe Indian Act and residential schools. Confederation meant Canada would have to pay for its own defence against any American aggression, rather than relying on colonial funds.

A semblance of balance was reached between these two ideas. Canada industrialized very slowly, and therefore generated few high-paying jobs. However, academic observers more usually discuss the EU in the terms of it being a federation.

Confederation 1867 essay

Problems such as opium smoking were of particular concern. September 11,Charlottetown, PEI. This and other divisive issues — such as government funding for Catholic schools throughout the colony — created suspicions among English Protestants in Canada West of unchecked French Catholic power flowing from Canada East.

But it still faced the challenge of truly melding its disparate Canadas into a harmonious whole. Lawrence waterway system continued apace, and many short lines were built to river ports.

Constitution Act, 1867: Canada Becomes a Nation

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick had some interest in reuniting as a single colony following their division in The Orange boasted of the supremacy of their Anglo-Saxon civilization and Protestant culture over the backward, medieval, priest-ridden Catholicism.

Thus, it is to Macdonald and his ideas that Canadians should look to understand the character of that union. They travelled on dirt trails and corduroy roads, churned their own butter, sewed their clothing by the dim light of coal oil lamps and cultivated their farms with scythe and oxen.

Against this backdrop, Canadian politicians began in to rough out a new plan for union. However, he faced even more criticism when he introduced the Naval Service Bill in The new Canada, although still closely tied to Britain, had moved from colonial dependency to a status much closer to sovereign nationhood.

However, there were internal political obstacles to overcome first. Along with some Americans, he also hoped for a shift of focus towards North America, a policy often known as "continentalism. They shipped their wheat out by rail, and ordered supplies from Ontario. By that time it was too late for the 65 per cent of Nova Scotians who opposed the idea see Repeal Movement ; Nova Scotia and Confederation.

Instead it claimed its historic boundary with Russian Alaska included the Lynn Canal and the port of Skagwayboth occupied by the U. Greenwood Press, ; Martin, Ged. As a confederation[ citation needed ], Serbia and Montenegro were united only in very few realms, such as defense, foreign affairs and a very weak common president of the confederation.

Post-Confederation era

Sir Charles Tupper was a delegate to all the Confederation conferences. Foremost among them was John A. Canadian coat of arms for the Yukon, British Columbia and Alberta.Major Conferences in the BNA Act of There is also other reasons for why the Confederation of happened,  Canadian Confederation My essay consists of information about the Canadian Confederation.

I included facts with references on my bibliography. On my essay it includes the conferences that happened in establishing. The year is perhaps Canada’s best known year historically, for it is the year we became a country, independent and free.

However confederation did not begin. After three more years of political debate, and with railway construction plans as a powerful incentive, Macdonald was able to take a Confederation proposal to the British parliament in and the Dominion of Canada was created in by a document called the British North America Act.

The Confederation act of without question has had a major influence on the status of contemporary Canada. It has helped shape Canada into one of the worlds most politically and economically powerful countries; a country that is strong, independent, and united.

There was a series of events which. After three more years of political debate, and with railway construction plans as a powerful incentive, Macdonald was able to take a Confederation proposal to the British parliament in and the Dominion of Canada was created in by a document called the British North America Act.

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The confederation act of 1867 essay
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