Term paper on financial analysis of bank in bangladesh

Banks provide short-term finance by discounting bills, that is making payment of the amount before the due date of the bills after deducting a certain rate of discount.

Financial statement analysis of leading leasing industry in Bangladesh

Usually, there is higher ROE for high growth companies. The ratio is used to measure the intensity with which business assets arused to produce sales revenue. The City Bank Limited is playing a vital role in developing industry of the country and putting the national economy competitive with world economy.

DBI-1 has also the responsibility to follow up inspection reports of the banks including authorized dealers and to enforce implementation of the recommendations contained therein and rectification of irregularities.

Therefore bank has to manage large volume transaction. Depending upon the nature of deposits, funds deposited with bank also earns interest.

Return on equity indicates the profitability to shareholders of the Bank after all expenses and taxes Van Horne Examples of technical expectations that should be listed include: The measure of liquidity of the bank is the cash and portfolio investments to deposit ratio.

They are the principal sources of credit loan able funds for millions of individuals and families for many units of the government. It measures how much the firm is earning after tax for each Taka invested in the Bank. The primary functions of a commercial bank include: In general, a person may be said to be substantially interested in a concern, or if he is an active officer, or director of that concern, or if he has a substantial ownership interest.

Intervals scales are also have an equidistant measure. These ratios are used to assess the ability of the business to generate earnings in comparison with its all expenses and other relevant costs during a specific time period.

This data research helps to evaluate the overall bank financial position. It includes virtually any information that can be captured that is not numerical nature.

Today's modern banks are not only providing traditional banking services but also expanding many financial services. Such problem banks are then brought under the fold of problem bank monitoring department for closer and more intensive supervision.

That is, it gauges the percentage of total assets the bank has invested in loans or financings. The extensive and ever growing domestic network provides and carries various products and services to the doorsteps of millions.

It measures how much the firm is earning after tax for each Taka invested in the Bank. It is computed by dividing net credit sales by average account receivable.

Because of this mindset, most local banks have joined DBBL's banking infrastructure instated of pursuing their own. The individual inspection report of branch offices will include on report page 3 only a summary of the classification of assets of the branch.

To focus on products, services and financial condition of MBL. This bank financial ratio enable us to identify unique bank strengths and weaknesses achieve over the six year period, which in itself inform bank profitability, liquidity and credit quality.

Ratio analysis is based on line items in financial statements like the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement; the ratios of one item — or a combination of items - to another item or combination are then calculated.

Profitability Performance The most common measure of bank performance is profitability. Secondly, they feel confident that in need of cash bank may sell these portfolio investments at any time in the secondary market which is readily available for this purpose.Term paper on Financial Institution Analysis South East University [Year] Course Code: FIN List of Financial Institutes in Bangladesh 8.

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Term Paper on Financial Statement analysis Subject: Finance Topic: Term Paper The general objective of this report is to analysis Financial Statement analysis of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited. Introduction: Woori Bank is a South Korean bank operating in Bangladesh from In this paper SWOT Analysis of Woori Bank different aspect of this bank was described.

As its an authorized Bank different sensitive issue like their Financial information, Employment policy, HR policy,Client list are consciously excluded in this paper.

Bangladesh Bank Bangladesh Bank Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of the country, was established as a body corporate vide the Bangladesh Bank Order, (P.O. No. of ) with effect from 16th December, The objective of this descriptive type research is to analyze Financial Analysis of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited from listed in DSE through several comparing the several year’s financial performance.

For this purpose, the financial performance from to of One Bank is considered.

Term paper on financial analysis of bank in bangladesh
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