Reflection on teaching outside the box

As I have stated many times already, these stories show just how wide of a spectrum the education field is, and you do not always have to become a teacher in order to be involved in the field. George asked what was up. It also makes it more likely that students will make good, well-informed choices going forward.

Learning may reside in non-human appliances. Inside my bucket were a set of dinosaur number cards with paper clips attached. While I think that I definitely want to be teaching in an elementary school classroom, the careers of the people who spoke to us really fascinated me.

Teaching Outside the Box, 3rd Edition

While there is a right answer now, it may be wrong tomorrow due to alterations in the information climate affecting the decision. As a matter of fact, a well-constructed exam or paper assignment on the material can serve not just as an assessment but also as a prompt to reflect.

To learn — from every client and encounter. This means we must step outside the box—moving our focus from 'fixing' the students when a problem arises to helping a teacher improve his or her practice. Quick Dinosaur-Themed Lessons Build number recognition by placing these number cards in a pocket chart, and hiding a laminated pictures behind.

Teaching Outside the Box, 3rd Edition

Two children com up, draw a card and place the matching number of eggs in the nests. Whether you are preparing for your first year of teaching or have been working in the classroom for decades, this conversational book provides you with answers to the essential questions that you face as an educator—how to engage students, encourage self-directed learning, differentiate instruction, and create dynamic lessons that nurture critical thinking and strategic problem solving.

A copy of this article is on file at the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. Keep in mind that this is just one section of the certification process. What could have gone better today? The short answer is yourself.

How can I develop a reflective practice? When the picture order was incorrect, the pre-service teachers attributed the inaccuracies to a lack of student interest in history. To discern — apply the right tools and techniques for the right solution.

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On the holidays I found this adorable counting book along with this super cute dinosaur Thanks Kmart and Big W!Systematic reflection, such as the intense process that candidates for certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards engage in as part of their application, is a more comprehensive form of professional development and enhanced awareness.

It can’t get much better then to have a step by step guide right in front of you on how to deal with a disruptive student. She really makes me want to write her ways of dealing with these students down in a book so I can reference it when I teach, but of course I will defiantly tweak it to meet my needs in my own classroom.

Related to this idea, the table below identifies three reflective states. For each reflective state the desired outcome at the base level is the same – positive growth in the profession.

Simply put, teacher reflection is a tool for professional growth and change.

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Just as teaching is complex, so is reflection. As both a teacher and mother, the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.* Here’s a little known fact about me. As a child, I was absolutely CRAZY.

And here are some links to some fabulous products I have found very useful over my teaching time. Click on any of the images below to go to the host site.

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Posted by Nerida at 1. Teaching Outside the Box: How to Grab Your Students by Their Brain, Third Edition integrates practical strategies and engaging advice for new and experienced teachers. Whether you are preparing for your first year of teaching or have been working in the classroom for decades, this conversational book provides you with answers to the .

Reflection on teaching outside the box
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