Indira gandhi corruption at its finest

It also agreed to deal with the issue bilaterally. Being poor made you an automatic target of forced sterilization because you had no voice. Indian troops during the War. Under her emergency act she could forcibly send the poor to work camps in the name of relocation for the purpose of beautification.

He revealed how Ram Kishan Dalmia, as chairman of a bank and an insurance company, used his companies to fund his takeover of Bennett and Coleman and started transferring money illegally from publicly held companies for personal benefit.

Instead she set an agenda that would benefit her interests at the cost of taking away time, attention, and money that rightfully belong to the people of India, that both need and deserve it. There was no form of communication to let our families know we were safe.

Therefore they were not given the option to choose whether or not they wanted to go through the sterilization process. Five months following the attack on the Golden Temple in Amristsar, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh body guard. We were not allowed to leave our homes because everywhere Sikhs were being attacked, burned, and murdered.

She also guaranteed that everyone would be on her side by starting the trend of choosing her own chief ministers, abolishing the former inner party elections.

Her attempts to eliminate poverty by means of exterminating the poor were relentless. In the barrage of gunfire that ensued, hundreds of Sikhs were killed, igniting an uprising within the Sikh community.

But the greatest blunder was to let the Pakistan army get away with its 'genocide' in Bangladesh. Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi, know the educational qualifications of 14 Indian Prime Ministers Such was his pursuit against corrupt practises that he also charged the venerable Tatas of selling locomotive engines at nearly double the price of Japanese engines, leading to the loss of locomotive contracts for TELCO.

The means of accomplishing a control of population was through the process of forced sterilization. To first cause chaos and then deem yourself the only person that can bring stability to the chaos of society.

'Modi has been scrupulously honest. Indira Gandhi institutionalised corruption'

Gandhi knew this because she was raised around politics, her father being a former Prime Minister regularly took her along on business trips.

She was blind with power and ultimately walked into her own destruction. Indira Gandhi had no respect for the Sikh religion. All that Pakistan conceded at Simla was that it would not use force to solve the Kashmir problem -- a promise never kept as it supported the separatists there.

It also says that bribery that involved contributions to the Congress party were considered acceptable. There is massive evidence of the Pakistan army's brutality in Bangladesh. They had no say in any process. It is now obvious as we look back in history that she created great perks for herself at the expense of the Indian people.After months of hesitation, the Indian government moved without warning today and arrested former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and at least four members of her cabinet, charging them with corruption.

Jul 21,  · Its more comprehensive study in English, Indira Gandhi: An Era of Constitutional Dictatorship, was published last month to coincide with the declaration of the Emergency in June Thus it doesn't matter if Feroz was Feroz Gandhi or Feroz Khan, he was a finest person, a finest parliamentarian who ever stood and fought for the interest of the nation, it's people.

WikiLeaks Cable reveals massive corruption in then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s Government

Hence criticising or debating it as a controversy, if Indira married a Feroz Khan or Gandhi is just useless and meaningful. Oct 31,  · Born on November 19,in Allahabad, India, Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi was the sole child of Kamala and Jawaharlal a member of the Indian National Congress, Nehru had been influenced.

Indira Gandhi Paper

Indira Gandhi- Corruption At Its Finest In a country that claims democracy, Indians seem to be confused on the definition of the government style.

You can not blame the people however, because it is the duty of the people to have faith in their country to do the right thing. Indira Gandhi is a remarkable figure, not only in Indian history, but in world history as well.

Indira Gandhi ruled India as Prime Minister for three consecutive terms from to

Indira gandhi corruption at its finest
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