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Narasimha, Rama, and Krishna. Holy Cross Church The C. Holy Cross Church is more than years old is Essay on triplicane marina beach in Perambur. The church was referred to as Kaatu Koil or the temple in the forest by the locals but it is referred to as the Church of Lady of Light.

Although initially the corporation planned to outsource security personnel to protect the renovated structures, [53] the plan was dropped and about 50 corporation staff were employed to man the stretch.

It also bears some of the old famous places of worship belonging to different religious communities such as the Kapaleeshwara temple of Mylapore, Parthasarathy koil in thiruvellicaeni which are some architectural master pieces.

Chennai central is the station that you will arrive and Chennai is well connected with all major cities and towns with trains. The temple has grand brahmotsavams big festival for Sri Parthasarathy swami during the Tamil month of Chittirai April—Mayon the same month Udayavar uthsavam is also celebrated.

It is visited by thousands of tourist's everyday. Located near the beach the fort has the longest flag pole in the whole country. Srinivasan, a night watchman at the School of Arts and Crafts, was the model for second and fourth men from the left while Ramu, a student modeled for the other two men.

Incidents[ edit ] Ina tramp ship SS Damatis sank near the Marina due to a cyclone in the region. Events[ edit ] Immersion of Ganesh idols on the Marina at Foreshore Estate Being the most prominent open space in the city, the Marina Beach hosts several events throughout the year.

However, the diving board was removed later during a renovation. The city known as the "Gateway to the South" is known for its beach, diverse population, cinemas and theaters, shopping malls, parks, restaurants etc.

There is also a cultural hall and an art centre where you can buy a number of handicrafts. Chennai with its diverse population, culture, religions, monuments and people will give you a real feel of India and some memories that you can never erase it off! Chennai houses diverse religions and communities to live in harmony with each other.

At present, it houses the offices of the Tamil Nadu State Raffle. This festival is held during mid December to mid January. The rescue team, equipped with a rubber boat and a motor-fitted boat, was planned to be stationed at the Anna Square police station or the Marina police station.

Karunanidhi was laid to rest beside his mentor Annadurai at the Marina Beach [20]. On 8th Augustformer CM M. There is also a museum in the fort which has some rare collection of British period.

Chennai is also known as the automobile capital of India and it has the maximum number of automobile industry in India. The building is currently being renovated by the government.

This festival marks the end of the south east monsoon and the harvest season in South India.

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For your information, there is no high ground such as dunes for channeling the return water of the Tsunami and it drained off uniformly all over the Marina Beach. You can also enjoy Chinese, Japanese, continental, Thai, Korean cuisine in Chennai at its specific hotels.


This is a fully man made harbor, not a natural one.Events and tickets details of SAY BYE TO IN STYLE - Beach Cleanup at Gandhi Statue, Marina Walk, Triplicane, Marina Beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Tickets Indian Events Desi Events Also find other Indian events on Engage in such fun activities as roller skating, flying a kite, riding the merry-go-round, and playing chess on the giant board at Marina Beach in Chennai.

The tsunami effect (Chennai) no high ground such as dunes for channeling the return water of the Tsunami and it drained off uniformly all over the Marina Beach.

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Marina Beach is a beach and is nearby to Krishnampet and Triplicane. Marina Beach, Tamil Nadu from Tripcarta, the interactive travel guide.

Marina Beach - My favourite place in Chennai. Posted Date: 05 May | Updated: the Marina Beach. Chennai's sea coast line have a vast area of settlement developed in and around the beach area.

Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane

Serve it in Paper Cups or Papers folded into cones. Reference: Related Articles. Thirumullaivayil, A Pilgrim Place.

Essay on triplicane marina beach
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